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About Institute

Welcome To National Institute Of Mithila Art

National Institute Of Mithila Art is one of the india's leading art institutes.It is our conviction that even the ongoing academic programs must be kept under microscopic analysis and the curriculum be made a living entity with a built in phenomena of improvement and perfection.Concept and an ideology that revolves around the phenomenon of Change for Better.The National Institute Of Mithila Art has establish a Modern Art Institute (NIMA) in Darbhanga to encourage and support the development of a younger generation of Mithila painters.

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Fine Art professional certificate course
Certificate Course

We offered professional certificate courses in 50 different types of Art and crafts. The institute also facilitates twenty artist special batches training programs.

Fine Art professional online certificate course
Online Course

We also offered smart online classes for mithila art certificate courses. NIMA is the first to introduce online Hightech classes of Art Form. Ever since its launch in November 2019, the online classes have become very popular as learning art isn't bound by time or geography anymore.

Fine Art Competition

A host of competitions are organised at nima campus by private school, and students of nima. Many of the B-plan and case writing competitions are multi-stage events and consist of rounds of presentation, review and feedback.

Fine Art workshop

NIMA also organised a two-day/Month Art workshop at its Darbhanga campus.This workshop aims at introducing mithila art lovers. It will provide a hands-on understanding of all aspects of the art, such as its history, motifs, themes and techniques.

Join us for seasoned expert in painting

Do you have the wish of being a great artist or want to be a renowned painter? You have the arts in yourself but you aren't skilled. Generally a great artist is born and with the help of a great trainer, he/she becomes a great artist. We groom those. We also train those who want to polish up their skills while those who are looking to make a painting their career, Chitrakala Arts Gallery is a heaven for them.

We have different types of courses for different tastes. If someone wants to be a great sketch artist, we have experts sketch mentors to groom their skills. If someone wants to be a great portrait artist we have the experts.

We have the mentors for Tanjore Painting learners, Water Painting learners, Glass Painting learners, Kalamkari painting learners, Nib art learners, Coffee Painting learners, Ceramic Painting learners, Fusion Painting learners and Mithila Art learners. We also have trainers for polishing up handwriting. If you want to improve your handwriting, come to us, we have great calligraphers.

In summer we conduct crash courses for Calligraphy, Sketch art, Water painting and oil/acrylic paintings.

For school students we have separate classes and for grown up we have separate classes.

Our classes run round the calendar year but in summer we run some crash courses for those who want to groom their skills during summer vacations.

A painting is a degree by itself and its intricate details, the mark sheet. An artist is judged as a master by studying these intricate details. Today we see a lot of artists who have achieved their success solely based on their talent and not by the scroll of degree they hold...

Regular Course

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  • 12+ Best Teachers
  • 550+ Students Enrolled

Online Course

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Mr Krishna Kumar Kashyap Is A Famous Writer,Artist And Bhishma Pitamah Of Mithila Art And He Is Mentor Of NIMA.

Fine Art painting artist
Krishna Kumar Kashyap

Mr U Prasad Is founder Of National Institute Of Mithila Art .

Fine Art artist

Mr Dev Raj Singh Is Art Promoter And Director Of National Institute Of Mithila Art.

Fine Artartist
Mr Dev Raj Singh

National Institute Of Mithila Art

We Make Professional Artist

We have designed basic and advanced Syllabus of courses for the students so that they can build a sound foundation in art and then progress to higher levels. These can be hobby classes for some, or a career path for others. For the more dedicated and talented student sky's the limit. We do not just ask you to join us, but to give us the opportunity to prove ourselves by changing the direction of your career for the better.
NIMA is one such institute where we apply our personal experience to help our students to grow in the field of Art. Our aim is to impart maximum knowledge in the shortest possible time. We also offered 5 artist special classes to coordinate with other organizations in certain volunteering activities like summer camps or in holding competitions. We motivate our students and give them the right platform to achieve high social standards.
National Institute Of Mithila Art strives to provide comprehensive and stimulating course work to young artists, preparing students to continue in their education after high school to facilitate a secondary education. NIMA teaching methods align with Arizona and national standards, and faculty include professional artists and all courses are taught using UDL, performance-based assessment, and project-based lessons using the integration of arts in classrooms, Which sets NIMA apart from traditional art institutes. NIMA student advancements gain the ability to make cognitive connections between academics and the arts, and they have experienced art through the education of professional artists and highly qualified teachers.
National Institute Of Mithila Art, including both institutes and the museum, is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for its students, visitors, faculty, and staff, and to ensuring that educational and employment decisions are based on an individual’s abilities and qualifications. National Institute Of Mithila Art does not tolerate unlawful discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or former military status, or any other status protected by federal, state or local law, in its programs and activities, public accommodations or employment practices. The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies.

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